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Republic Update

AUG 24 - 4:00 pm

Fellow Residents,

  Republic service appears to be back on track, but there may be some confusion on the schedule for recycling (I got it wrong yesterday).  Yesterday was both a refuse and recycling pick up Monday.  Normal schedule will continue going forward.

  Republic sent two (2) representatives to yesterday’s BoT meeting and they explained what has happened and what they are doing to fix it.  They claim they are back to normal operations from here on out, have been allocated additional resources to call upon (by Corp.), are back servicing us by “default” out of Mt Vernon, but can call on Columbus when needed.  Republic acknowledge their failure with communications and has committed to improve that (outsourced) communications process/approach.  Republic did request that residents double check their contract info with Republic (via Customer Service) to make sure Republic has the correct contact information.

  The BoT will be updating our website with further schedule, contact, and recycling details (what to recycle and how to load the container).

  As to customer credits, individual residents will need to contact Republic Customer Service and “document” the missed service(s) and request a credit.  Disappointingly, Republic representatives were not able to offer/confirm an across the Board credit for all residents.  Your Bot shared our displeasure with those representatives on this decision by Republic and asked that they reconsider that approach.  For those residents wanting a credit, your Bot recommends you take the proactive step and request it via Customer Service and not wait on a change of position by Republic (which may not happen).

  Your Bot, as fellow residents and your Township representatives, will continue to monitor service levels and contact Republic as necessary, and follow up on the improve communications commitment from Republic.

Kevin Hennessy