Rumpke Information

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our acceptable recycling items list with the addition of tubs. Effective immediately, yogurt eaters rejoice! Bring on the butter tubs and toss in those fruit cups! All of these items will find new life through Rumpke’s enhanced recycling program. We plan on distributing a news release, updating our website and posting on our social media channels beginning January 11, 2021. Attached you will find some helpful information to help you spread the message:

  • Recycling FAQ – this is an internal document to help you answer questions. This document contains frequently asked questions regarding all material types.

  • Tubs Fact Sheet – this is an external document that has pertinent information regarding the addition of tubs to the recycling program. Feel free to share with you communities and anyone else that you feel would benefit from the information.

  • Acceptable Items 2021 – this is an updated acceptable items flyer that includes tubs. Please feel free to share this externally and with anyone else that you feel would benefit from the information.

  • Plastics Graphic – this image only shows the updated plastics graphic. This might be a good image to use for a social media post.

  • Tubs Announcement Facebook Graphic – an image that you can use for a social media post.

We are very excited to start 2021 with some good news in the recycling world.

Acceptable Items 2021.pdf
Calendar Service Frequency 2021.pdf