Aggregation Program

Delaware Township Aggregation Program

In 2007, the 127th Ohio General Assembly got the ball rolling with the creation of energy aggregation programs for Townships.  In 2013, residents voted to direct the Township to enter into energy aggregation programs on behalf of the Township Residents for Electric and Natural Gas.   Aggregation programs run for a contract period ranging typically from 1 to 3 years and then come up for renewal.  The goal of these contracts is to pool the collective purchasing clout of the residents to lock in energy rates at an attractive market fixed price for a period of time.

The aggregation programs are set up by the Ohio General Assembly as an opt Out model, not an opt-in model.  The Board of Trustees has no choice in this matter.


Electric Program (AEP Ohio):

The current electric generation contract with Energy Harbor runs until May 2023 at a rate of 0.0485.  This has been in place for the length of the existing contract.  By comparison, the Jan/Mar ’23 rate from AEP Generation was 0.0664.  That 3 months alone was a considerable savings for Township residents who stayed with the aggregation program.  Month to month savings will vary with the market price (weather, seasons, world events, etc.).  As with all fixed rate contracts, the spot price from month to month can vary greatly from the fixed rate, both up or down.  This is evident with fuel prices at the pumps, the benefit of locking in a rate is over the long haul, consumers usually benefit from the fixed rate approach.

In March ’23 Township residents should receive a notice from Energy Harbor informing residents of the new contract price and duration, and the option to opt-out of the contract and secure your own electric generation price for a specified period of time.  The choice to opt-out is yours and if you chose to do so, then securing your monthly generation provider is yours to also choose.

 Additional AEP Ohio information on electric bills: AEP Ohio information link

Natural Gas Program (Columbia Gas):

The current Natural Gas (NG) aggregation fixed rate has been on hold since Feb 2022 given world events and the corresponding impact on NG prices, long term contracts were not being offered when the last NG contract came up for renewal.  The market is changing in 2023 and the Township will again be working with our partners for evaluating NG producer contracts for the benefit of residents. Stay tuned for more details as they become known.



As residents can imagine, securing aggregation contracts in the energy industry is a specialized profession.  Delaware Township works in partnership with Trebel Energy, a firm that specializes in securing quotes for aggregation at current market rates at the behest of your Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees then selects a vendor from the market offers provided - from the various energy producers permitted to provide energy to Ohio.  Transmission of the energy (electric and natural gas) is provided by AEP and Columbia Gas accordingly (Suburban Gas customers/residents are not part of the NG program).

This topic can seem complex at first and residents may have more detailed questions about these programs.  Trebel Energy as part of their service to the Township, can provide further background to residents with questions on aggregation and the opt-out process.  Trebel Energy can be contacted via their website or by calling 1-877-861-2772 and they are happy to talk with township residents about the aggregation programs and answer related questions.

PUCO Opt Out:

As discussed above, these Ohio Aggregation programs are set up with the default as being “Opt-In”.  When informed by the generation provider of the start of a new contracted rate / period, residents are given the option to then “Opt-Out” via the generation provider at that time.

The PUCO also provides a registry where residents can also “Opt-Out” from participating in electrical aggregation contracts.  In theory, this would be the first place to do so and in theory should remove residents from future generation provider notifications.  Residents wishing to do so can register their “Opt-Out” preference with the PUCO at:

Additional Ohio Aggregation Information can be found here: Governmental Aggregation

Energy Choice Ohio program and rate comparisons:  Energy Choice Ohio

If residents are having any issues with the “Opt-Out”, Trebel Energy has offered their assistance to resolve any such preference matters that are not being properly honored.  Residents are encouraged to contact Trebel Energy for any such “Opt-Out” assistance.  Residents choosing to “Opt=Out” should then make an electrical generation provider selection of their own choosing.